We specialize in door manufacturing

The trust and preference shown to us over the last 60 years, motivates us to evolve and innovate in our field. We offer unique designs and specialized solutions to our affiliates.


Standard and custom solutions in a variety of materials for interior and exterior doors.


Surfaces with high quality, durability and design for modern furniture.

Modern approach & sustainable results

Customer Support

We provide solid support to our customers by offering solutions from manufacturing design processes to the final delivery.

Excellent Quality

Products and services of high quality which correspond to the local market’s needs.

Quick Services

Express operational services, manufacturing and logistics.

B2B Services

Our strategy is based on a B2B model thus ensuring a direct synergy with third-party companies (partners).

Partner Focus

Following the customer reviews we achieve the market target.

Product Diversity

Wide variety of products and services which follow the latest trends.

Complete Set Materials

We provide innovative home solutions by offering complete sets of materials that have various specifications,
ideal for multi-purpose use. The variety and infinite combinations allow you to create customized
spaces with a unique aesthetic by matching doors and furniture.





Innovative high end solutions

  “Always deliver more than expected”
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"With over 60 years of experience in the door industry,
we can call ourselves experts"

Latest News

Laminate Rampote by Alfawood Group

Laminate Rampote by Alfawood Group Η ανανεωμένη Intra Collection παρουσιάζει μια σειρά διακοσμητικών δοκίδων για εσωτερικούς χώρους. Με Rustic προσωπικότητα παρουσιάζει την ζεστασιά του φυσικού ξύλου μέσα από τις λεπτές φλέβες και τους λεπτούς πόρους που δημιουργούνται. Κομψές και διαχρονικές επιφάνειες που θα φέρουν φρεσκάδα, ηρεμία και φυσικότητα σε κάθε χώρο δημιουργώντας μια cozy διάθεση.…

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  Η Nea Stereotis Ltd, με δυναμική παρουσία στην κατασκευή ξύλινης πόρτας και στην διανομή πάνελ για την κουζίνα, το μπάνιο, το γραφείο και το σπίτι, ολοκλήρωσε με τεράστια επιτυχία την πρώτη INNOVO EXPO 2022.  Ένα Exclusive Event με ειδικές παραγγελίες για Αρχιτέκτονες και Interior Designers, αφιερωμένο στην ανέγερση μεγάλων έργων. Ερχόμενοι από την SICAM…

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Kitchen Worktops Collection

New HPL Kitchen Countertops Collection by Alfa Wood Group The New HPL Kitchen Worktops Collection provides a wide range of textured cement, marble and textured wood surfaces that can create the ultimate worktop and decorative surface combination. The design of textures and color tones can provide uniformity to your space as they are perfectly combined…

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