Intra Collection – September 2022

We are excited to announce that in September 2022, Stereotis will introduce 3 new color inputs to its “Intra Collection” in collaboration with the ALFA WOOD Group. This collection is designed with its own unique INTRA “character” and is set to revolutionize the industry.

The “Intra Collection” will present:

The “Intra Collection” features a new embossed surface that closely mimics the appearance of natural veneer, with a distinct heart-shaped DOS outline and subtle recesses. The collection boasts a range of colors and patterns in wood imitation and matte texture, providing an exceptional natural feel.

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, this new texture and the inclusion of new decorative surfaces represent a breakthrough in product innovation, offering endless possibilities for our professional partners. The collection is available in melamine sheets, along with blinds in ABS tapes and inter-door sets, providing a complete solution for any interior design project.

We are thrilled to bring this exciting new collection to the market, and look forward to seeing the creative ways in which our professional partners will utilize it to transform spaces.

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