Our company is proud to present the Wood Plus collection, a new addition to our Woody Collection, which is designed to meet the latest decoration trends in the global market. This series includes three new oak-centric melamine tones, which are perfect for furniture, kitchen and interior doors.

In 2022, the latest trend is to create interiors with a relaxing atmosphere that emphasize the use of wood. That’s why we have created the Wood Plus collection, which offers a harmonious series of shades of oak. The waters of the wood, the linear texture and its fine finish provide naturalness and style to any piece of furniture or interior work.

Wood-based furniture and kitchens add warmth to the space and can be the perfect finishing touches to a home’s interior design. The Wood Plus collection is designed to add warmth, style and a stately touch to any interior.

We are confident that the Wood Plus collection will meet the needs of our clients and partners who are looking for high-quality and modern products. Please take a look at the designs that make up the complete collection and contact us for further information.

These are the designs that make up the complete collection.

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