Gris Nube

Colour Code2736
Colour NameGris Nube
Panel Size1220mm x 2750mm x 18mm
Surface MaterialLacquered laminate
Panel CoreMDF
PVC1 x 22m
Door AvailabilityNot Available for Doors


GRIS NUBE 03-2736


Gris Nube

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Highly scratch-resistant

Unique qualities that allow it to be applied in
environments with continuous contact of objects.

High gloss

Luxe technology offers extraordinary beauty in
its reflection and finishes.

Stain resistance

Products designed for daily use, resistant to all
types of food stains.

Easy cleaning

Surfaces easy to maintain and clean thanks to
their high-quality finish.

Long durability

Quality and durable surfaces, created for
demanding environments.

Antibacterial treatment

Protective shield on the surface that prevents the
spread of harmful microorganisms.

Colour stability

High resistance to light so colours remain

Environmentally friendly

Products manufactured with certified raw
materials from sustainable forests.

High-quality mirror image

Unique sharpness capable of giving the finish a
very attractive mirror effect.