Zero Modural Structure

ZERO is designed to make your life easier

It is an innovative shelving system ideal for all types of environments: home, offices, shops, dressing rooms, hotels, etc. The Zero system is known for its easy installation and assembly as it does not require special tools and specialized knowledge. It consists of a fully equipped package that meets the needs of each project even if they change over time.

To create Emuca – Zero modular shelves, the package includes a set of aluminium profiles and accessories. The simplicity of the design and its modern mood allow it to adapt to all kinds of spatial requirements. Different elements can be combined with each other and create an ideal composition: wooden or glass shelves, modules or small cabinets, hanging bars.

Place and adjust the shelves without disassembling any of the other elements of the composition. Each shelf/unit has a weight capacity of up to 100 Kg and is height adjustable without tools. The mounting of the profiles can be done in several ways: fixed to the wall, floor or ceiling or combining both.

A detailed guide to Emuca’s Zero structure:

  • Endless installation possibilities
  • Easy installation
  • Wide variety of components and kits
  • No tools required
  • Modular system that adjusts to your needs
  • Design your own structure

Discover the infinite possibilities that the modular ZERO system offers you. All the structures that you can imagine for your environment, with ZERO are possible.

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