Custom Doors

We provide a wide range of custom-made doors which can satisfy all needs and requirements of our clients. Being aware of every technical and aesthetic detail, we are able to design and materialize innovative solutions ensuring each project’s uniqueness.


Flush door represents, the modern minimalistic design. The almost invisible frm and the absence of moldings highlight the pure cut lines of the door.There is a range of solid material that can be utilized with the possibility of being painted.


Specialized design for clients who want to hide a door and a frame in a room. Melamine panels or ceramics are used to cover both the wall and the door in order to create a seamless feel.


Neo-Classical is the ideal design for refined styles. Represents luxury homes, villas or apartments with emphasis on details. The framed door with wood grains has an aesthetic value to the design.


Woody collection comes from the inspiration of old fashion wooden doors combined with the modern flush design. It has the characteristics of classic style but the straight lines of the door and frames give an alternative, contemporary style to the door.