Wood Based Panels

Stereotis hosts a wide range of panels where its colors, designs and textures follow the latest trends. Our products can be used in creating furniture and kitchens. Our collections cause inspiration on developing unique solutions that embrace elegance and modernism.


We innovate by enriching our collection of surfaces that combine exceptional quality, durability and high design each year. Knowing the importance of every detail in the general aesthetics of a space, we choose and present colors, designs and textures that follow the latest trends and inspire elegance and modernity.

Glossy and matte surfaces with unique finishes allow the creation of all types of interior furniture. Find inspiration for kitchen furniture, wardrobes or wall coverings by choosing from more than 70 surfaces.

Panel Core


Medium Density Fiberboard panels which satisfy the needs of clients that seek premium quality and durability. One of its main advantages is its enhanced strength relative to chipboard which ensures flexibility in drilling and cutting processes .All boards comply with the latest environmental standards.


Panels that come with the guarantee of high quality standards and all the necessary environmental certifications. Made from 100% recycled wood, reducing waste to a minimum. Ideal for all kinds of interior decoration furniture and doors.