Interior Doors

Based on our years long experience in production, we provide solutions ranging from simple to custom-made doors. We are capable of supporting any type of project by providing specialized designs that correspond to customer needs. Our collection includes standard sized melamine doors that meet the specifications of large scale projects such as offices and apartment buildings.


It is a minimal and affordable choice of melamine with standard specifications. A large range of accessories is available such as locks, hinges, etc


This door type combines aesthetics with ergonomics. You can find sliding systems that match the overall design of your space. Sliding mechanisms can be visible or invisible to the human eye.


Flexible solutions for clients with high needs. Our specialized team in collaboration with carpenters and architects are able to materialize a concept into reality.


Folding doors design to give an extra space to small spaces. The door leaf folds depending on the room size and opens left or right according to the customers preferences.