Alvic – Zenit 2022

Stereotis launches 4 new unique shades with a velvet touch and high resistance.

Stereotis expands its range by introducing innovative surfaces by the Spanish company ALVIC, which is one of our main suppliers and partners. After many years of efforts and tests by ALVIC,  we were today in the privileged position to make available to our public 4 new colors of Zenit technology. A super matt lacquered surface with a silky texture, extremely durable and anti-fingerprint, ideal for making all kinds of furniture. Surfaces with unique colors and excellent properties that meet every decoration style and every customer requirement.

Inspire and give your space the breath it deserves by choosing one or even a combination of colors from ALVIC’s new Pigments series. With the colors of nature as the main source of inspiration, it seeks to bring vitality and well-being to every corner of the house, based on the philosophy of the usability of every space and with the aim of fully exploiting it.

Verde Salvia, Azul Marino, Camel and Cotto are the new trends for 2022, 4 colors taken from nature.

Verde Salvia SM

Verde Salvia is a rich and refreshing color that brings the beauty of nature indoors. It complements and balances the rest of the color palette, while at the same time it has the gift of changing with absolute naturalness in every season.

Azul Marino SM

Azul Marino is a special shade of blue that exudes ocean air. A bold touch that will give freshness to any room. It can be a challenge for lovers of neutral and natural colors, but a combination of these two elements will create an atmospheric effect.



Camel is a color that embodies the natural and earthy element. It is a tone that adapts harmoniously to the entire color spectrum and to any kind of aesthetic.



Cotton, also known as the color of clay, is one of the trends of 2022 that will start and bring a touch of renewal to every corner of the house. A unique color between brown and orange, which will bring warmth and elegance to your space.

Surfaces with antibacterial treatment

The advantage of the series is that it combines aesthetics and practicality in all spaces. The antibacterial treatment creates a protective barrier preventing the spread of microorganisms that may harm the human body. In this way, surfaces of high quality and specifications have been created to be applied to kitchen and bathroom furniture that require special hygiene and care.


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