Visit of Nea Stereotis Ltd to ALFA WOOD GROUP Facilities

Nea Stereotis Ltd had the pleasure of being hosted by Alfa Wood Group and accompanying a group of interior designers and architects to their facilities in Grevena and Larissa. The professionals had the opportunity to see firsthand a vast industrial wood processing unit and gain knowledge and necessary expertise.

The purpose of our visit was to explore materials that follow the latest trends. New shades, textured patterns, and materials inspired by fabric, cement, wood, and natural granite will take center stage in upcoming projects in 2024, adding a touch of naturalness and renewal.

The visit commenced with a general overview of the Alfa Wood Group, its vision, journey, and philosophy. Subsequently, we toured the factory spaces while adhering to all necessary safety measures. A presentation was given on every stage of the production process, from the collection of raw materials from Greek forests to processing and final product manufacturing.

Specifically, we were guided through the production line, the quality control department, and the research and development area, where the design of new products takes place. We also visited the storage areas for raw materials and finished goods.

We hope that the knowledge and limitless craftsmanship possibilities of wood will serve as a source of inspiration and leave a lasting imprint on every upcoming project for our esteemed guests.

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