Nea Stereotis Ltd is a dynamic player in the wood manufacturing sector in Cyprus, renowned for its exceptional quality doors and distribution of premium panels for various applications, including kitchen, bathroom, office, and home. The company recently completed its highly successful inaugural INNOVO EXPO 2022, a one-of-a-kind event designed exclusively for Architects and Interior Designers.

This event, dedicated to the construction of large projects, showcased the latest innovations of 2023 from our esteemed partners, including ALFAWOOD, FANTONI, ALVIC, and INALCO, who traveled all the way from SICAM in Pordenone, Italy. INNOVO EXPO was not only the first-ever Pan-Cypriot presentation of these innovative products but also the second Global presentation, after SICAM, giving visitors a unique opportunity to witness the newest trends in interior decoration.

The latest products, designs, and finishes on display promise to revolutionize the industry and define the new trends in the interior decoration for the new year. Surfaces in unique colors and textures, designed specifically for the manufacture of all types of furniture, kitchen, and interior doors, were showcased, and their exceptional properties and technologies meet every need and taste, thus combining ergonomics and good aesthetics.

INNOVO EXPO was not only a successful event, but it also served as a source of inspiration and creativity for all stakeholders, providing them with an opportunity to keep in touch with the latest trends, technologies, and innovations. Nea Stereotis Ltd promises to continue hosting such events that promote excellence and creativity in the industry.

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